Friday, November 14, 2014

Yet Another Dubious Journal Solicitation

This one was spammed to almost everybody in our School of Computer Science here at Waterloo on Wednesday:

Dear Dr. ,

Greetings from the Journal of Advances in Robotics and Automation!

Hope you are doing well!

The Journal is in need of your fortitude. We would like to invite you to send us your valuable contribution (research article, review article, Opinion article, Editorial or short communication), to publish in our journal and improve it for indexing.

It would be highly appreciable if you could submit the article before or till 30 th November. You can visit our journal website for any details

Please submit the article to the below link or you can mail to the below link.

Please help in this Regard.

With Regards,

Rachle Green

Editorial Assistant


All the warning signs are there:

1. Spam sent to everybody without discrimination, including those (like me) who have nothing to do with robotics or automation.

2. Bizarre capitalization like "Regard".

3. Bizarre word choice like "fortitude" and "highly appreciable".

4. Ridiculously rapid deadline for submission.

5. A likely bogus name for the "Editorial Assistant". The first name "Rachle" is extremely uncommon.

I do not recommend having anything to do with this journal.


Anonymous said...

Omics Publishing Group ( is currently on Beall's list ( The website in your e-mail ( seems to be from the same publisher as the one in Beall's list.

Steve Watson said...

Better get your rear in gear, Jeff: you've got only just over two weeks to send them your fortitude!

Unknown said...

I sent that journal my mojo once. I never got it back.