Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Under the Influence - An Amazingly Good Radio Show about Advertising

There are only a few radio shows I listen to regularly, but one of them is "Under the Influence" on CBC, an amazingly good show about advertising, hosted by Terry O'Reilly. I recommend it. O'Reilly may have a kind of whiny voice, but he seems to possess detailed knowledge about all facets of advertising, and he paints great pictures with his descriptions.

The latest show is about business-to-business advertising, and features a couple of famous commercials I had never seen before: the Jean-Claude van Damme ad for Volvo, and the "herding cats" ad for EDS.

Do you know any niche radio shows that are exceptionally good?

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Scouter Chil said...

Terry has been a very successful advertising copywriter with numerous industry awards and honours - he definitely knows his stuff!

Before Under the Influence, he independently wrote and produced The Age of Persuasion from 2008 to 2012. A bit of a scary show...... Terry includes a LOT of old advertising jingles that conjure up long-forgotten memories! You can catch all the past shows at