Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Aboard the Toronto Airport Ferry

I never flew into the Toronto Island airport before, but I did so for the first time on Sunday. After you land, a ferry takes you across 120 meters of water in 60 seconds. This is what the view looks like from the ferry. Not bad, eh?

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Mike from Ottawa said...

Last time I flew out of the Island airport, there were more interesting things than even the TO skyline. Lots of cormorants skimming over the water and some sort of merganser. I passed the time timing their dives in the strip of water the ferry plies.

The cormorants all stayed down 45 seconds +/- 2 seconds in my entirely unscientific 'study'. The mergansers all stayed down one minute, +/- 5 seconds. I was able to time about a dozen dives, of several of each type of bird.

The mergansers were in male/female pairs and always dived at the same instant and surfaced within a second of each other and just a couple of feet apart. The cormorants were all alone.

It's about the only wait I've ever had for a flight that I'd wished had been longer.