Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Strange Physics Foundation

Take a look at the website for the Santilli Foundation and the International Committee on Scientific Ethics and Accountability. Strange, aren't they?

I particularly liked the reference to "moist insidious and organized plagiarisms".

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Takis Konstantopoulos said...

A very strange persona indeed. I don't know of him. A couple of remarks after a quick look at the links:

There is always something strange when someone insists in promoting and displaying their awards so much.

The articles under are written in haste. Besides the "moist [sic] insidious and organized plagiarisms", I spotted several other typos or expressions which are not appropriate for the supposed level of "seriousness" of these articles: e.g., "For instance, a serious editor would never think of sending a paper on general relativity to a physicist who has never head [sic] anything on the Riemannian geometry."