Friday, October 18, 2013

Discovery Institute Hires World's Worst Journalist™

Exciting news! The Discovery Institute, not content with such luminaries as Casey Luskin, John G. West, and David Klinghoffer, has reached even further into the bottom of the barrel.

Yes, believe it or not, they've hired Denyse O'Leary, the world's worst journalist™, to write for them.

We can look forward to hours of fun: mangled syntax, clichés, punctuation chosen at random, repetition of signature buzzwords like "Brit toff" and "tenure bore", unfounded accusations of racism and Nazism against reputable scientists, neologisms that only O'Leary understands, and a thorough misunderstanding of anything she discusses -- not to mention that Denyse never ever interviews anyone she disagrees with.

Congratulations to both the DI and Denyse! You definitely deserve each other.


Eamon Knight said...

I thought Denyse was only Canada's Worst Journalist[tm]. Has she been promoted? And I'm sure there's some Tea Party hack south of the border who can give her a run for her money.

John Pieret said...

You definitely deserve each other.

That's cold! ... But true!

I'm sre there's some Tea Party hack south of the border who can give her a run for her money.

There are plenty of Teabaggers who can match Denyse (emphasis on "Deny") for delusion and dishonesty but not many pose as "journalists." They hate the ("liberal") news media and tend to pose as "pundits" instead. Glen Beck and Bryan Fischer leap to mind.

Let Denyse have her title ... she's worked hard for it.

Robert Byers said...

I love Denyse O'leary's writings on uncommon descent.
I think she is the one to take on psychology jazz from evolutionists and many subjects with humour and knockout humour .With evolutionism its not too hard you might say but still.
Women hardly accomplish anything in origin contentions and so she is a bonus for that angle in creationism.
I don't think she is YEC but still gives us a chance to make a case and be in the big tent.
I think she has questionied some ideas from her Catholic church where they lose confidence in addressing evolutionism.
She is a bonus and will thrive.
Canadian too eh. Born and bred and brewed.

Jeffrey Shallit said...

Of course you do, Robert. Denyse's appeal is largely limited to the uneducated and the illiterate.

Robert Byers said...

Mr Shallit
If it was the uneducated and illiterate Mrs O'leary would have a bigger audience with her books.
in fact she is read by interested thoughtful prople thinking about the great historic ideas and conclusions of God and Creation and criticism of that historic conclusions.
She's a tough lady dealing in origin subjects which are a intellectual contact sport. She is a Grandmother but not a old lady knitting in her place.
Evolutionists shouldn't make her a underdog! bad strategy . (why am i telling you guys)

Jeffrey Shallit said...

Evolutionists shouldn't make her a underdog!

We just laugh at her. And you, too.