Wednesday, October 23, 2013

They Offer Nothing But Lies, 4

I only had the chance to catch about 15 minutes of Stephen Meyer on the Michael Medved show today (and of that 15 minutes, probably about half the time was devoted to ads -- how do people stand listening to that?), but in that brief time I heard three lies.

Meyer made his usual false claim about "information" and how it can't be generated through evolution. Of course it can; any random process will generate "information" in the sense used by mathematicians and computer scientists. The creationist version of "information" espoused by Meyer is different, but even there it is easy to see that mutation can generate it (take a program that does something and change one character so it doesn't compile; then a mutation that restores the function will create creationist information).

Meyer made a false claim about Dawkins only being interested in genes and not being interested in organisms. Of course, that's a lie, and anyone who has read Dawkins (e.g., The Extended Phenotype) knows this to be the case.

Meyer also repeated his usual lie about how "Darwinists" expected there to be junk DNA and how recent findings by "ID scientists" (as if there is such a thing!) show the Darwinists to be wrong. (Larry Moran has discussed this false claim many times, so there's no point to discussing it again.)

Three lies in 15 minutes. That's pretty good, even for Meyer.