Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Pleasures of Editing a Journal

The following exchange is fictional, but not by much. It is based on several different experiences I've had as editor of the Journal of Integer Sequences.

From Joe Smith:

Here is my submission, entitled "1 + 1 = 2", to the Journal of Integer Sequences. It gives a simple, new, and cute proof of this famous theorem which I know you will want to publish.

My response:

I'm sorry, this is simply too trivial to publish in the Journal.

Smith's response:

How disgraceful that an honest person seeking to publish their work in a forum belonging to an elite that think they hold the absolute truth, and deliver their decision based on an incredibly deprecatory pseudo review, are frustrated by your dishonest response!

I will give you one week to accept this paper. If not, I will destroy the reputation of the Journal.

My response:

I'm sorry, the decision stands.

Smith's response:

Can you please suggest another journal where I can publish my result?


Robert Mercas said...

:)) Funny

Gingerbaker said...

"Can you please suggest another journal where I can publish my result? "

Answer: "No, but I can think of another journal who will not publish your article".

(Which makes two journals)

Unknown said...

Say, anyone know anything about this "Antarctica Journal of Mathematics"


The flashing circus lights strongly suggest this journal has a high impact, like after Sylvester gets hit on the head with a frying pan by Tweetie Bird.

I saw no such flashing lights at the "Annals of Mathematics" from the Institute for Advanced Study.
Come on, IAS! Get with the times!